About This Product

Roz's Tomato Pie is made exclusively by Nilasor.  We take special pride in making this delicious pie.  When possible, we use home-grown tomatoes from our personal garden.  If we do not use tomatoes grown by us, we have a specific supplier that we go to for our tomatoes.  Good tasting tomatoes is the key to making this pie super delicious.  We also grow our own green onions and basil year-round.  We know the value of freshness!  Our tomato pies are made on the day they are to be picked up.  We rise early in the morning to get everything prepared on time.  We use only quality ingredients and never cut corners to cut costs.  The pies are individually boxed for easy transport and gift-giving. 
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Roz's Tomato Pie

Most people have never eaten or heard of a tomato pie. The first thing many people say when you mention a tomato pie is, "Tomato pie? Is it sweet?" No! Roz's Tomato Pie is not sweet, but savory and heavenly delicious! There are many tomato pie recipes out there for you to try, but they do not measure up to our special recipe. If you are looking for something special for your brunch, tea party or holiday table, Roz's Tomato Pie is a definite conversation piece that is sure to please almost every taste. If you like tomatoes, you will love this pie!

We offer a basic tomato pie and a loaded tomato pie in 9-inch and 10-inch sizes. Each pie is individually boxed for easy transport. Customers can schedule the day and time of pickup. Just park at the curb and your pie will be brought out to you!