Singing is therapy for me.  I sing for my own spirit, my own pleasure.  If someone else can relate to what I am singing about, what I am feeling, that is a good thing because that someone will realize that they are not alone.  My singing did not start until I was 60, so I realize that I will never be an Aretha Franklin, but I do aspire to be a good singer, a good storyteller of some of life's trials and errors.  A lot of what I do is just snippets of partial songs, thoughts, feelings.  My husband is a musician and lots of times when he's practicing, I will record bits and pieces of his music and write little short lyrics that represent what I'm thinking or feeling at the time.  I find pleasure in this type of singing.

My stage name is Roz and you can find me on External link opens in new tab or windowRoz's YouTube channel.

Some of My Songs